Does Flextoy offer hourly rentals?

No, Flextoy specializes in day and multi-day rentals only.  They can be rented for only a few hours but the day rate would apply.

Where is Flextoy located?

Flextoy is located at 5748 20th Sideroad, Utopia, Ontario L0M 1T0.

Can the rental equipment be ridden directly from Flextoy’s location?

No, Flextoy does not have direct access to trails or lakes at our location in Barrie.  Customers can trailer the rental equipment to their desired location or Flextoy can deliver for a fee of $1 per km travelled (minimum charge is $50).

Where can I ride rented snowmobiles?

Flextoy snowmobiles come with an OFSC (Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs) trail pass.  This means that they can be ridden anywhere in the province-wide snowmobile trail network provided that the trails are OPEN.    Alternatively, snowmobiles can be ridden on land owned by private trail network operators provided that renters purchase a trail pass for the duration of their ride. Haliburton Forest is such an operator with a great private trail network: https://www.haliburtonforest.com/things-to-do/snowmobile-atv-trails/

Where can I obtain snowmobile trail maps?

While paper copies of trail maps can be obtained from local businesses in your intended riding area, electronic maps are generally preferred since they are always current. Click the following link for viewing the OFSC Interactive Trail Guide: https://ofsc.evtrails.com/ which shows all Ontario trails and provides up-to-date trail conditions. The trail maps can also be viewed on the Go Snowmobiling Ontario mobile app available on the App Store and on Google Play. Note that the trails are colour coded to indicate status: Red=closed trails, Yellow=open trails but in marginal condition, Green=Open trails in good condition.

How long is a day rental?

Standard day rentals are from 10am to 5pm.

Is fuel included in the rental cost?

No, fuel is extra. Equipment is supplied full of fuel and must be returned full if refueling charges are to be avoided.

Can I pick up my rental the night before my first rental day?

Yes, Flextoy offers free pickup after 5pm the night before a customer’s first rental day for those who are traveling that evening to their rental use location.

Can I return my rental the morning after my last rental day?

No, rentals must be returned by or before 5pm on the last day of the rental period.

How old do I have to be to rent?

The minimum age to sign a rental contract is 18 years old. The minimum age to operate the rental equipment is 16 years old.

Do I need a credit card to rent?

Yes, we accept VISA, MasterCard and Amex.

Does Flextoy offer insurance for rentals?

Although the equipment is insured for liability, Flextoy does not offer any insurance for personal injury or damage caused to the rented equipment or other property. Flextoy requires a damage deposit of $3000 per vehicle payable via credit card on the day before the rental start date. This deposit must be made with a credit card and is in the form of a pre-authorization only. The pre-auth will be released once the equipment is returned with no damage.

Do I need a license to operate the rental equipment?

For snowmobile rentals, renters are required to have a valid driver’s license (any class). For watercraft rentals, renters are required to have a boater’s license (Pleasure Craft Operator’s Card or PCOC). If you or a driver in your group does not have a PCOC, Flextoy can issue a free temporary boater’s license for the duration of your rental period.

Are lifejackets provided for watercraft rentals?

Yes, up to 3 adult-sized lifejackets are available per watercraft rental. No lifejackets are available for children or youth sizes – customers must be supply these.

How many people can ride at one time on the equipment?

For snowmobiles, 1 rider is permitted. If the 2-UP seat option is selected at time of order, 2 riders are permitted. For watercraft, up to 3 riders are permitted.

Does Flextoy rent snowmobile gear such as helmets, suits, boots and gloves?

Normally Flextoy has these items available to rent but due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are currently not providing them in order to protect our customers. For the foreseeable future, renters must supply their own gear.

How can I know if the equipment is available for my required dates?

Check the booking page at flextoy.ca which shows the availability calendar for the rental equipment.

Do I need to pay a deposit to book my rentals?

We require that payment be made in full at the time of order to finalize your booking. The damage deposit is not required to be paid until the day before your first rental day.

Does Flextoy have a cancellation policy for bookings?

Yes, Flextoy will provide a full refund for bookings if cancelled 5 or more days prior to the start of the rental period. For cancellations less than 5 days, there are no refunds except for the following extenuating circumstances: government-declared emergencies such as the COVID-19 pandemic; government-imposed travel restrictions; military action or acts of terrorism or civil unrest; and natural disasters.

Where can I ride the rental equipment?

Rental equipment can used anywhere in Ontario or Quebec where legally permitted to ride.

What happens if the equipment breaks down?

Flextoy supplies premium quality, late model equipment to ensure that breakdowns are very unlikely. If something were to happen, Flextoy will fix the issue or replace the faulty equipment with a replacement unit, free of charge.

What is Flextoy’s support coverage area?

Flextoy offers delivery and service support within a 150km radius of our location. Customers are welcome to take the equipment further but if support is required outside of this area, it is the customer’s responsibility to bring the rented equipment back to within the coverage area.

Does Flextoy offer trailers for towing rented equipment?

Yes, Flextoy includes either a single or double watercraft trailer in the rental cost. For snowmobile trailers, Flextoy offers fully enclosed double trailers at a rate of $150 per day.

Can I supply my own trailer for the rented equipment?

For watercraft, renters must use the trailers provided. For snowmobiles, renters can provide their own fully enclosed trailers but no open trailers are permitted. Transporting a snowmobile in the back of a pickup truck is permitted assuming at least 2 ratchet straps are used for securing.

What kind of vehicle do I need to tow the rented equipment?

Crossovers, vans, SUVs and pickup trucks with a class 3 or 4 trailer hitch (2” square receiver) are required for most towing applications. A 2” diameter tow ball is required to connect the trailer to the hitch. Either a 4-pin flat or 7-pin round style electrical connector is required for the trailer lights.

What kind of precautions does Flextoy take to ensure we have a safe and fun time during our rental?

Flextoy is 100% focused on ensuring that our customers’ safety is the #1 priority. For all times, this means safety training for each customer, whether they are experienced or not to ensure top-of-mind awareness on how to ride safe out on the trails or lakes. During Covid times, this also means taking all available precautions to avoid contact with customers by providing digital booking and paperwork signing options, along with ensuring that each piece of equipment is cleaned and sanitized prior to each rental.